What is your relationship with pleasure?

5 Ways I Curated my relationship with Pleasure

I remember waking up at 5am, rushing to work, staying late– it sometimes felt like a competition for who stayed latest. The prize? Bragging rights. But getting home at 8:30pm everyday of the week was not just physically taxing, it was emotionally depleting. I began to resent my relationship to work until I realized I was the only one who could change that. I had nothing to “prove,” I had the job and didn’t have to set myself on fire to prove I deserved it.

I began to actively seek pleasurable ways to engage in my life. I started with five key actions.

5. I journaled. I let myself brain dump everything that was sitting on my chest and in my heart and lying doormat in my body. I let the pages have my anxiety. My rage. My resentment. All of it. And I watched as the ink bled from my pen to the white space between the straight blue lines.

4. I said “YES.” “Want to go to an event this weekend?” YES. “Want to grab dinner on a work night?” I ONE HUNDRED PERCENT DO. “Want to book a trip to Dubai because the tickets are really cheap?” Let me get my wallet! I was willing to say yes when I felt it instead of suffocating it. As a result, I stopped suffocating.

3. I said “No.” It wasn’t sexy, but it was honest. I used no when saying yes meant betraying myself, so I had to learn my own boundaries, even if it was something “I liked,” there were other questions I needed to consider.

2. I made my home my haven. I began to discover my creativity and style when I was intentional about having my home be a pleasure place to live.

1. I made a life for myself outside of work. I discovered that I loved creating art. So I did just that. I found an artist residency program, applied and created. I realized that I loved dates– so I calendared solo dates, friend dates, bouquet making parties. All the things. I made time for my life. I made time for the life I wanted.

I was born worthy. I was worthy then. And am now. And so are you.

You are worthy of pleasure. Of curating your relationship with pleasure and watch your light brighten and life shift.

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