The Audacity

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AYA is a fern that can grown in difficult places and can outlast much difficulty. Mia connected with this symbol while she visited Ghana, West Africa and used it as an acronym that later morphed into the company’s name– AYA: “Adversity Yields Audacity.”

In 2012, the company was officially launched and incorporated in New York State. Since then, the company has partnered with over middle and high schools across the nation, city programs, and Mia has coached over one hundred clients across five states.

Through keynote addresses, individual and group life coaching, and self-affirming events, and organizational consulting, AYA’s mission is to empower you to curate a life you love and to live your life with audacity.

For us, each of us to be re-reminded of our power and possibilities. To grow, to heal, to become and to discover the most delicious life possible for ourselves.

“So what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” – Mary Oliver  

Notable Engagements

The Audacity Show

Interviewing courageous people who have faced incredible adversity and learning how they’ve overcome and beat the odds!

Speaking Engagements

Mia has spoken to audiences across the nation with over 5,000 guests ranging from topics about storytelling, curating a life you love, and so much more!