The Audacity Show features game changers who have beat the odds and are committed to curating a life they love and living with audacity. Tune in to experience their power, light, and resilience. In season 3, the host, Mia Dunlap, turns the camera on herself and shares her journey of curating a life she loves!

Season 3

Episode 1: Curating my Relationship with Pleasure

Episode 2: Curating my Relationship with Home

Episode 3: Curating my Relationship with Money

Episode 4: Curating my Relationship with Self Care

Episode 5: Curating my Relationship with Fear and Failure

Episode 6: Curating my Relationship with Love

Episode 7: Curating my Relationship with my Life Team

Season 2

Episode 1: Julian Alexander, A Morehouse College Political Activist

Episode 2: 30 countries by 30 with Laura Janvier

Episode 3: A’layeah Joisanne uses Film to Heal

Episode 4: Lia Holman, The Doctors Were Wrong

Episode 5: Jamila McGill Intentionality and Magic

Episode 6: Jaz Grant “My Faith Impacts my Leadership as Principal”

Season 1

Episode 1: Ashley Foster lost 122lbs in 8 months

Episode 2: Devone Graham | quit college & became real estate agent

Episode 3: Tai Abrams 143k of Debt Paid

Episode 4: Tayahna Walcott, 15 Year Old Visual and Performing Artist

Episode 5: Kerri-Ann, 29, author and principal

Episode 6: Derrius Quarles, Million Dollar Scholar

Episode 7: Meah Denee

Episode 8: Damilola Okuboyejo, Luxury Invitations