Glamping Experience at the Getaway House

Glamping Experience at the Getaway House

“I’m not an outdoor person, so I don’t think that camping stuff is for me.” Y’all — me either! I told the life coach that I’m starting with, “I’ve gotten myself as far as I can go, I need a team for the life I am on the brink of.”

So, I’ve been doing things I’ve never done to get results I’ve not gotten. Spending time in nature is not something I’d grown up doing or am accustomed to, but I realize how healing nature is and how much it deepens my relationship with myself to sit with myself in silence, with my aches, with my daydreams, with depressing thoughts, with my questions, with my joy and just notice and be. I need the connection, I need that silence. I’ve found it in nature.

When we deepen our relationship with ourselves and with The Universe, we can hear our inner voice and trust it more often. I trust myself to attract the team I need in this next phase of my life. -The Audacity Coach

Specific questions about my Getaway experience and my response:

  • Where did you go?

I went to the Getaway Escape in GA, about two hours outside of Atlanta, in Suches.

  • How did you hear about it?

A friend of mine has gown a couple times and recommended it for a solo escape — we both enjoy solo trips.

  • How long did you stay?

Three days and two nights.

  • Did you go solo?

No, a friend of mine flew in from Boston so that we could go together. But after visiting, I’d def do this as a solo experience, too.

  • Did it feel safe?

Yes! It did, there are other cabins close enough to feel like you’re not alone in the middle of nowhere but far enough to have the solace and space you want.

  • What did you do?

I brought some activities for us to do, but honestly, we didn’t have to. Activities I brought:

  1. Kites to fly
  2. Books to read
  3. Paint (to paint rocks and trees)
  4. Board games to play
  5. Wine 🙂 to drink
  6. Prompts to write

Activities that were already embedded in the experience:

  1. Building a campfire
  2. Hiking
  3. Meditating
  4. Exploring the cabin area
  5. Watching the sunrise/set
  6. Bird-watching & listening
  7. Tree-gazing
  8. Daydreaming
  • Were their bugs inside the cabin?

When we left the screen open, we saw a bug fly in but ushered it out. We saw one other bug on the second day. In general, though, the cabins were clean, neat, and absent of any additional company.

  • What did you do for food?

The day before we made a Target run for snacks and brought salad and pre-baked sweet potatoes from home. The day of, we went to the Whole Foods hot bar and snagged some of our faves.

  • Was it scary at night?

Not sure, I was asleep. We built a campfire by 7:30/8:00pm and retired for the night. The days felt really long because we immersed ourselves fully into whatever we did… so we were tired by the end of the night. It felt safe, even with the large windows to sleep, but there’s also a shade to pull down in case we wanted, but we didn’t.

  • What was the inside of the cabin like?

Quaint, filled with only the essentials, clean, compact. There was a bathroom with a door, kitchen with a stove and mini fridge, bunk bed, table for dining, and storage space all inside…. And the beds were either full or queen size.

  • What was challenging about the experience?

Driving there was the most challenging part for me because it’s about 30 minutes of mountain driving before we arrive at the cabin — and I am not a fan of all the twists and turns. It’s beautiful scenery but I didn’t like the last stretch of the drive.

  • What was your favorite part?

Favorite part was discovering the pond. I love water and was grateful to be able to sit and write on the dock. It was the highlight for me, because it wasn’t advertised — so we found it on one of our hikes on the second day.

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