Curate the Home Experience and Energy you WANT: 5 Tips

Curate the Home Experience and Energy you WANT: 5 Tips

If you know anything about me, I have intentionally decided to curate a life I love.

I grew up in Chicago. On the south side. We lived in three different sets of projects, (Robert Taylors, Washington Park, and Altgeld Gardens) each of which I resented more than the one before. There were 6 of us. 4 kids. 2 adults. And usually 3 bedrooms.

My sister and I shared a bed until I was about 16, then we got bunk beds. Nothing was ever mine — my money would mysteriously be missing when I woke up most mornings (my sister didn’t take it), I’d come home from school to see my mom (or sister)wearing my latest pair of jeans or shoes — which were usually hand-me-downs. But they were hand-me-downs for me!

So, I began to stay away from our house as long as humanly possible… at church, at school, with friends, at extra curricular programs, events or anywhere I could… home wasn’t safe. My parents wouldn’t really notice because they were grappling with their own ways of escaping.

I promised that when I got big enough to have my own home, I would make it special. It took a while, but here are some steps I took:

  1. Start with writing out the kind of experience you want to cultivate in your home. (Do that for 2–3 days before any major purchases)
  2. Add color and details to your writing. (What would you want to think, feel, and say about your home?)
  3. Move from writing to creating a vision board. (Pictures that represent you.)
  4. Decide the scent. (How your home smells makes a world of difference)
  5. Draft a budge and locate furniture that is connected to your vision & budget.

This process is iterative. There’s no set date or time to have it “done..” I mean, is it ever really done though?

Anyway, the absolute final thing I would offer here… no matter what… no matter how… HAVE FUN! Let joy overtake you in the process! Let yourself enjoy the PROCESS.