Audacity Subscription Box: The Audacity to… Curate a Life you Love


What do you have The Audacity to create in your life? This subscription tote will serve as a coach in your pocket– included in month one will be a reflection journal for you to set your intentions and experiences you want for the month. You will use this journal to draft your desires and to note any challenges that got in your way of living the life of your dreams.  We’ll share tips for how to curate your day, your week, and your month. This month’s affirmation cards are o remind you of your light and your way. Staying grounded in your why is so essential this year! In addition to the cards, each tote will be themed and include a bonus gift just for you. Month one’s theme is: Set Your Vision we’ll include an audacity t-shirt that you’ll love!

  • The Audacity Tote Bag 
    • Question/ Affirmation Cards 
    • The Audacity Journal
    •  Bonus: Audacity Themed T-Shirt
    •  Inspirational Pen 
    • Experience Recommendations 

Live Zoom Sessions, Recorded Sessions

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