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Episode 4

The 15-year-old Tayahna Walcott tells about her journey as a talented artist who is a model, singer, writer, and producer, as well as an all star student. She reveals the inspiration behind her living her dreams aloud! She gives tips to teens who are struggling with self image! What a BOSS she is! Living her best life!

Episode 3

Tai Abrams is a 30 year old Caribbean American who went to Duke University, accrued over 140k in debt and paid it all off in 7 years! Her commitment is to build multi-generational wealth for her family and to help us all do the same. She published a book targeted to middle school students called, WHO AM I? An A-Z Career Guide for Teens. You can purchase on Amazon. She is a trailblazer in her own right and is breaking the mode of possibilities for young people.

Episode 2

Devone is a 23 year old who had a full ride to college on an athletic scholarship, but after an incident, felt forced to quit college and become a real estate agent. His story is the story of so many young people who go to college on athletic scholarships. You don

Episode 1

Ashley Foster, 27 years old, who is studying for the bar exam, release 122lbs in 8 months with no pills, no wraps, no surgery. Listen in on her story of vulnerability and hear how she is living with AUDACITY.

Episode 5

Kerri-Ann, 30, has published two children's books, has been a principal since age 28, and is living the life of her dreams after her father was murdered, she lived on her own since age 15, and is a first generation college grad.

Episode 6

Derrius Quarles' father was murdered when he was 4, this lead him to being in foster care for the duration of his childhood. Can you imagine? In high school, however, Derrius' life took a turn. He earned over a million dollars in scholarships as he went to Morehouse College and UPENN.

Episode 7

Derrius Quarles

Episode 8

Sean Larry Stevens

The Audacity Show features young people under 30, who have beat the odds and are living a life that is powerful, purposeful, and personifies resilience.