Letter to my 25 Year Old Self

Post 6/19/13

Originally Written: 6/16/2009

It’s Your 21st Birthday!!

Dear Miss 25 year old Mia Dunlap,

As I’m writing this letter to you I’m led to wonder whether your last name is still even Dunlap! Isn’t that something, I mean you could have very well found the man of your dreams and fallen in love by now and professed those beautiful vows! But if for one reason or another you all are not married I pray… yes I pray (close your eyes and start praying too! Lol) that the time is nearing! I mean, you’re one hell of a catch and somebody with some good sense had better recognized lol ok, enough about that prince, on to other matters.

                So, I can only imagine that you are living comfortably with a Masters under your belt and missing me! Hell even I miss me at 19 and 18. Please tell me you still have your body intact…if not please please make that your next two moth resolution! Lol. Don’t let go of that figure girl and that natural hair. People think I’m going thru a phase… but at 25 they’ll clearly see that I was addicted to self-discovery and I found something so unique, sometime untaming, but very precious in my natural hair! If you don’t sill have it, you mind cutting it off and doing it all over again for me? Please…I mean, you’re young and gorgeous! You can do it!

                Furthermore, don’t lose that flame. You’ve got one awesome personality! I know it’s true for you because it’s truly true for me! When and where I enter people can’t help but to turn and look…and I don’t blame them nor do I dislike them…if I were them I’d definitely look at me and try to figure out why is she so happy and peaceful and radiant and vibrant and sassy and confident. Too bad I don’t have the answer. Do you? Kisses to you Older Mia! I believe you are carrying the torch well. I can’t say it’s been easy, not even at 21, but I hope you’re a witness that it was worth it! Keep up the good work for me and you and Jasmin and Miles all the doubters and supporters and the all of the dreamers. It’s true Mia, To Whom Much is Given, Much is Definitely Required! And we knew for sure the God of your silent tears, the God of your bruises and patches, the God of your internships and achievements, the God of your big giving heart and of your forgiving spirit has invested very much into you my love! Face it, you’re somebody special. I have to admit something; I do not yearn to be you! I want to stay young and in college as long as possible girl!!

And what about those friends? Who are they? Where are they now?

7/3/2009 …. Hmmmm. Anyway, so [any] children yet?  Oh my…I’m excited to meet them I know you’ll be a phenomenal mother, esp. if you have or in the middle of a Masters. Urban Studies and Trauma right? Girl, Kanika told you along time ago that you have a serious calling on your life and you have to protect that. Everyone does not deserve the front seat of your life…you know that but I’m only here to remind you missy. By the way, have you had your heart broken yet? Who was this lucky guy who had the privilege of getting that close to your heart? Whatever you do…I caution you to not give up on love! Don’t! Speaking of love…What’s your relationship like with Perfect Love [I used to call God “Perfect Love”]these days? You may be a youth minister or something ? huh? That’s nice Mia. How’s your mom/dad? Be nice to them…give and speak to them with a very patient/open heart. I know you love them , but be very intentional about showing it. And Miles/Jasmin… Please continue to take them under your wings? Give to them abundance as you see fit and according to your ability. Mike D? What’s up with that guy these days… send him a letter reminding him of just how smart he is and that he must use his intelligence to help change the world. Hope you’re staying connected with everyone. Send thinking of you cards to some family members. I know you still love stationary!

Well lady can’t think of more to say…so I’m signing out…sending abundance of peace your way…I’m talking about that real peace when hell is living inside your mind. You’re one impressive individual and I am anxious and apprehensive meet you! You have a house yet or a condo? Oh, and please tell me you’re not in debt honey…management those funds! Love you much dear!

Take good care of yourself,